Ultimate Harvest Day

Remember when your mother told you to eat all of your vegetables and you'd just throw them out the window? Well, you should have listened. Now they are HUGE and mad and they want to to EAT YOU ALIVE!

Good thing you have a shotgun.

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Chromatic Gorilka Typo

Chromatic Gorilka Typo is a tower defense typing game where chromatic gorilkas, annoyed by your blue-switches mechanical keyboard sound, attack your house to unplug your USB cable. You must type HARDER and LOUDER to defend your home. But this will probably tease them even more….

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A first person experience that will disassemble your mind. Grab your friends (or their trash can), join a match and die laughing about how that washing machine destroyed your friend right in front of the finish line.

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The best Android game my father ever played (no, it was not the only one - he also played another one I made). Try to reagrupate the circles by color, dragging them like crazy, and complain about how your touchscreen is not good enough to win.

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Older projects

  • HzO


    My only zombie game (I promise). Try to kill the undeads by shoting them with one of your many water guns. Rembember what your mom used to say and do not waste water, cause it is your only source of ammo.

  • Undertake


    2D platformer with RPG elements about an angel who had his wings stolen by a demon and, with it, his only way to return to heaven. Now, with no power, he must enter the underworld to find the demon and get the wings back, exploring a whole new world which changes his soul.

  • Fallen Ghosts

    Fallen Ghosts

    Old project of an Android game. Swipe in the direction you want to attack with the sword to kill your ninja enemies, exploring the feudal Japan and discovering the truth behind your inner power.

  • Teaching English

    Teaching English

    It was a project of an app made to help children learn english, using text recognition and augmented reality. The user scans an english word and, if available, an animated 3D model of that object will appear on the screen. Created using Unity + Vuforia.

  • Pong Revolution

    Pong Revolution

    A singleplayer pong game I made entirely in HTML5 Canvas, in 2014. Try it, you will (probably) like kinda not hate it maybe sometimes!

  • 13th Sphere Puzzle

    13th Sphere Puzzle

    Ellipse's older brother, 13th Sphere Puzzle was a simple test game I made to learn how the app market (and, specifically, the Google Play store) works. Select circles to swap colors with its neighboors, and try to agrupate them by colors. Up until you lose.

  • Want to hire me?

    Maybe something here interested you. Nice! Feel free to give me money. You can find my linkedin profile here, and you can scroll down to see my e-mail. But still, give my games a try! I put a lot of passion on those and they are the best way to get to know me.


To work on these and other projects, I had to develop many useful skills and habits, some of which are listed below.

  • GIT SourceTree, CLI
  • Scrum, XP Agile develompent
  • Unity3D Game engine
  • C#, Java Languages
  • Photoshop Image editing

The process of game development covers many different areas of knowledge, from programming to design, image and video editing. Working as a indie developer for more than four years now, I have been able to learn a little bit of every step of the process. Although I've been focusing mainly on the programming part, I've also helped on game design, level design, graphics design, image editing, sound editing and other fun stuff. In my specific area, I can emphasize the habits of making clean and commented codes, easy to read and maintain, the agile development techniques, the use of UML to elaborate organized code structures and the use of version control system (specially git).


If you want to know anything else about my projects, work with me
or just chat, feel free to send me an e-mail!